7 Behavioral Health Damage Tooth

Or how many habits in our daily lives. It may be part of our teeth. Let’s see what kind of behavior and how much you have done.

1.Enjoy nail biting

Nail  biting in addition to affect the personality. It also makes the pathogen into the body. Because the nails are often hidden dirt or germs. And nail biting often It also affects the teeth that may protrude our teeth or affect the jaw.

2.Like chewing ice

Many people like chewing ice played. Because crunchy fun. Help relax. But chewing ice can cause fracture. Leads to sensitive teeth and toothache. Or maybe it makes teeth more and faster than usual. Including teeth may be broken until the tooth. In addition to chewing ice. Chewing solids, such as bone marrow, can hurt teeth differently.

3.Eat – drink Sour taste

Food or drink with sour taste. High acidity The teeth look soft. The result is more normal teeth. So before or after eating sour food. It is recommended to drink water or rinse with water immediately. To reduce the time to not sour touch the teeth. And do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. Because the teeth are softened after exposure to acid. Brushing immediately can result in a faster tooth.

4.Drink soft drinks sugar desserts

Soft drinks and crunchy snacks are often high in sugar. Caused a major cause of tooth decay. When we eat crispy snacks and soft drinks. The scum will stick to the teeth. Bacteria turn sugar into acid. Causes of decay. In addition, carbonated water is not acidic. So drink soft drinks often. To erode teeth. As a result, the teeth more than usual.

5.Use a tooth as a tool

Either to tear the bag, open the bottle, or open the bottle, the use of our teeth do not do it properly. Because the teeth are designed for use in chewing food only. Using this type of teeth for a long time may cause chapped or fractured teeth. And also jaw injury.

6.The brighter the brush

Brushing Does not help teeth clean up. But it destroys tooth enamel and causes tooth wear. The brighter teeth. The area near the edge of the gums will make the gums faster if anyone has a habit of brushing teeth hard. Always think that we will not scrub teeth. But we will gently massage your teeth. Gently brush and use a soft toothbrush.

7.Use toothpaste without fluoride

Fluoride is important for strong teeth. The time we scrape limestone out of the teeth. Fluoride is a replacement for tooth fillings. So do not buy toothpaste. It is recommended that you read the box label carefully for healthy teeth.

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