As an adult How do we take care of our teeth the best way?

The  key to having bright and strong smiles throughout the age of being mature. Is the proper oral hygiene? Even adults can have dental caries and gum disease as well. This can lead to more serious problems followed. Throughout our age. The important thing to do is

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to remove stains. Or sticky film sticking on our teeth and causing tooth decay.
  • Use daily floss to remove plaque between teeth. And groove Before it can harden into limestone. Because when it is limestone. The dentist will only need to remove it.
  • Limit eating foods like starch and sugar. Especially tough foods. The more often eaten. It also makes it more likely that the acid in the plaque will break the tooth.
  • Find a dentist regularly for oral examination and cleaning.


Even if you brush your teeth and floss regularly. You may have problems with your gums and teeth. But luckily, the dentist can help you deal with those problems.

  • Gum disease starts with gum disease. Which if treated initially will be cured. The symptoms of gingivitis are swelling, redness and soft gum. Bleeding when brushing If you experience these symptoms. Find a dentist before the symptoms become serious. The last phase of gum disease can lead to tooth loss.
  • The health of the gum affects your overall health. Recent research has found that there is a correlation between aphasia. (Gum disease) with other ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and premature birth. Prevention of gum disease before you start can be done by brushing your teeth daily 2 times a day. And find a dentist to clean teeth every 6 months.
  • Tooth decay around the fillings. (Redundant tooth decay) and decay on the surface of the tooth roots. It is a common occurrence when we are older. So brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing And finding a dentist on a regular basis is important.

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